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Training & Development

Abacus classes

Abacus training

Tutorial to help you learn to use counting frame and improve your arithmetic
Accounting software training institute

Accounting software

Nearby training institutes to learn software application to process accounting transactions
acting classes


Learn to adopt a character or enact in theatre, television or film
aptitude classes

Aptitude development

Develop your competence to do something naturally from these training institutes
art and craft classes

Art & Craft

Learn craft as a hobby or profession to create decorative design and handicraft
basic computing classes

Basic computer training

Best in class tutorials to help you to use computers and related technology efficiently
Beautician classes


Get trained in hairstyling, skin care, cosmetics, pedicures and more
candle making classes

Candle making

Textured candles, different designs, scented candles, try preparing all by yourself
Chess coaching classes

Chess coaching

Chess helps in intellectual development. Find centres to develop your chess
Clay modelling classes

Clay modelling

Click here to fine tune yourself in sculpting and modelling a clay
coaching classes

Coaching classes

Find a coach who supports you to achieve your goal or desired exams
Cooking classes


Learn to cook as a beginner or to try new cuisines or innovative dishes
Dancing classes


Dancing classes from beginner to expert, or to learn any new form is just a click away
drawing and painting classes

Drawing & Painting

Play with colors and fine tune your drawing skills from these classes nearby
Driving schools

Driving schools

Find a formal driving school nearby to learn and improve driving skills
Engineering software training institute

Engineering software

Institutes to help designing and analyzing an engineering problem
Fashion designing classes

Fashion designing

Combine creativity of artistic mind with technical proficiency to be an elite designer
Gardening classes


Train yourself to planting a sapling or manuring, or just maintaining a greenery
computer hardware and networking classes

Hardware & networking

Find courses to interconnect physical devices for communication and interaction
Interior designing classes

Interior designing

Learn how to design and enhance the interiors of a home or a inside space uniquely
Jewellery designing classes

Jewelry designing

Explore institutes to learn the art of designing and creating jewelry
language classes

Language classes

Centers to make you proficient in speaking and writing in different languages
music classes


Find renowned music masters by passion and profession around you
photography classes


Photography is truly an art. Join these classes to be an artist with their professional instructor
soft skill development classes

Soft skill development

Focus to develop a wide range of soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence and more
Software and IT course

Software & IT classes

Learn programming languages to improve your skill set for the digital economy
Stock broking classes

Stock broking

Basics of stock market and investing for beginners and interested minds