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adhesive & sealant

Adhesive & Sealant

Find material which strongly binds the surface together and resist their separation
agricultural chemicals

Agricultural chemicals

Protect your crops or increase its yield by using the best agro chemicals
adhesive & sealant

Catalyst & Chemical auxiliary agents

Add a substance to increase the rate of chemical reaction
flavor and fragrance

Flavour & Fragrance

Treat your meal with flavours, fragrances turn your home into a divine destination
inorganic chemicals

Inorganic chemicals

Find a chemical without a carbon in its composition
organic chemicals

Organic chemicals

Get a carbon containing chemicals for your individual or any other use
paints & coatings

Paints & Coatings

Cover your requirements of paints and coatings with a broad product portfolio


Find chemicals derived from oil or natural gas near you
pigments & dyes

Pigments & Dyes

Material which changes the color of reflected or transmitted light
polymer chemical

Polymer chemical

A large molecule or macromolecule with broad range of properties
surface treatment chemicals

Surface treatment chemicals

Treat your floors with a wide variety of liquids with different characteristics