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Beauty & Wellness

Beauty parlour

Beauty parlour

Facial aesthetics to foot care. Get all your beauty treatments from experts


Transform your hair and yourself with a professional and trained team of beauticians
Spa or Massage centre

Spa & Massage centre

Relax your body and mind in one of the world class spa centers
Body art & Tattoo

Body art & Tattoo

Your body is your canvas. Express feelings by tattooing and piercing your body
bridal makeup

Bridal makeup

From ethnic to glamorous. Makeup is an important part of the wedding
bridal hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle

Meet an expert to style your hair on the auspicious event
bridal mehandi

Bridal mehandi

Create a unique art on your palm and feet. Consult an Mehandi artist

Bridegroom grooming

We help you groom yourself and look dashing on your wedding day
Cosmetic shop

Pedicure & Manicure

Style your limbs with cosmetic or therapeutic treatment
Cosmetic shop


Find finest beauty products and cosmetics to look beautiful
Cosmetic shop

Fragrance & Deodorants

A pleasant scent with aromatic compounds makes your presence memorable
Hair extensions & Wigs

Hair extensions & Wigs

Add length to your hair with fine natural or synthetic hair