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Mechanical components

Bearings and bushes

Bearings & Bushes

Get component which helps to slide smoothly between surfaces at high speeds
Belts and pulleys

Belts & Pulleys

Flexible material to transmit power efficiently between two rotating shafts
Brakes and clutches

Brakes & Clutches

Find mechanical device to arrest, engages, disengages motion from a moving system
Chains and sprockets

Chains & Sprockets

Sprocket and roller chain to transmit power between two shafts within your reach
Cooling systems

Cooling systems

Find the systems to reject heat and cool machines to make it run hassle free
Coupling and joints

Coupling & Joints

Best in class devices to connect two shafts together to transmit power
Cutting tools

Cutting tools

Machining tool or cutter to remove material from a workpiece precisely with long working life
Gaskets and seals

Gaskets & Seals

Get mechanical seal to fill spaces between two surfaces to prevent leakage
Gear and gear trains

Gear & Gear trains

Find mechanical system to transmit power between contacting toothed wheel
Industrial hardware

Industrial hardware

Fasteners, joints, locks, hinges, spring, blades, tools and more within your reach
Lifting equipments

Lifting equipment

Lifting gear to lift heavy loads includes jacks, hydraulic lifters and more
Lubricants and coolants

Lubricants & Coolants

Get organic substance to reduce friction between contacting surfaces or cool the surfaces
Measurement tools

Measurement tools

Find instruments to measure physical quantities


Search machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy near you
pumps & compressors

Pumps & Compressors

Find device to move fluids by mechanical action or to compress fluid for greater power
Springs and struts

Springs & Struts

Component which stores energy and release it subsequently to absorb shocks and impact
Structural components

Structural components

Get components to strengthen structures like roof trusses, floor panels, headers and more
Vibration mounts

Vibration mounts

Materials to isolate vibrations and absorb, shock and mechanical waves within your reach
Valves and fittings

Valves & Fittings

Find device to regulate and control the flow of fluid by opening and closing passageways
Wheels and casters

Wheels & Casters

Wheeled device to mount to a larger object to provide mobility