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Veg restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants

Goodness in every bite that always been vegetarian within your reach
Non veg restaurants

Non vegetarian restaurants

Quality and customized menu with lip smacking non-veg dishes as per your taste
Buffet restaurants

Buffet restaurants

Check for a buffet restaurant to serve yourself varieties of delicious cuisines
South Indian restaurant

South Indian restaurants

Authentic idly, dosa with flavorful chutney and pleasant ambience nearby
North Indian restaurants

North Indian restaurants

Rich aromatic panner gravies with varieties of tandoor dishes around you
Multi cuisine restaurants

Multi cuisine restaurants

List of best multi cuisine restaurants with wide variety of continental dishes
Coastal food restaurants

Seafood restaurants

Aromatic cuisines with fresh and premium fishes for seafood lovers


BBQ restaurants around you for smoked or grilled flavorful foodstuffs
Andhra restaurants

Andhra cuisine

Search for tangy, hot and spicy food around you
Gujarathi restaurants

Gujaratii cuisine

Dhokla, phephdas..! Reminds us the aroma of Gujarat. Finger licking Gujarati food nearby
Kerala restaurants

Kerala cuisine

Enjoy an unusual cuisine of Kerala nearby, accompanied with thick flavoring coconut cream
Mangalore restaurants

Mangaluru cuisine

Neer dosa, Ghee roast, Kori rotti and more in nearby Tulunadu or Udupi restaurant
North karnataka restaurants

North Karnataka cuisine

From Jolad rotti to Girmitt, North Karnataka's vast and rich cuisine around you
Punjabi restaurants

Punjabi cuisine

One of the rich cuisine with added Panner and Ghee to satisfy your palate
Rajasthani restaurants

Rajasthani cuisine

Search for rich and unique Rajasthani flavor around you
Chinese restaurants

Chinese cuisine

Here is the authentic mouth watering Chinese cuisine near you
French restaurants

French cuisine

Dig into the flavor of France with these royal french recipes
Italian restaurants

Italian cuisine

More than pizza and spaghetti from these cheesy Italian restaurants
Mexican restaurants

Mexican cuisine

Tacos, burrito, salsa, nachos, quesadillas and more from these Mexican restaurants
Thai restaurants

Thai cuisine

Authentic Thai delicacy lightly cooked with aromatic components with a spicy edge around you