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General care

Receive primary care for general illness in out patient department
Homeopathy hospital

Homeopathic hospital

Complementary medicine with natural substances to treat symptoms or illness
Ayurvedic hospital

Ayurvedic hospital

Traditional way of medicine based on balance on doshas and herbal treatment
Veterinary hospital

Veterinary hospital

Pet health care from experienced professional, with well equipped clinic

Cancer hospital

Good news! Cancer is curable. Get a list of top cancer hospitals to lead a better life
heart hospital

Cardiology centre

Find world class cardiologist to treat disorders of the heart and circulatory system


Diagnose and treat oral defects from these dental hospitals surrounding you
Dermatology centre

Dermatology centre

Meet expert to cure your skin, hair, nails, cosmetic problems within reach

Ear, nose & Throat centre

ENT doctors around you to diagnose conditions related to ear, nose and throat
Eye hospital

Eye care

Contact professional related to eyes or vision in affordable eye cares surrounded you
Kidney care

Kidney care

Improve kidney health and treat kidney problems from one of these kidney care centers

Maternity care

Find best in class centers to take utter care and responsibility of mother and child
Neurology centre

Neurology department

List of neurology centers for best treatment for all neurological disorders
Orthopaedic centre

Orthopaedic centre

Solution for all fractured bones to sports injuries is just a click away

Paediatric care

Our care continues beyond delivering your bundle of joy. We help you to find child specialist
Physiotherapy centre

Physiotherapy centre

Get treated in the comfort of your home from a certified physiotherapist with advanced equipment
Psychiatric centre

Psychiatric centre

Qualified doctors and professionals to treat mental illness in an advanced and better way