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i2k2 Networks Private Limited

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A-61/B4, First Floor
Spring Meadows Business Park
Sector 63


i2k2 Networks - A Data Center & Dedicated Web Hosting Company in India

i2k2 Networks, a global data center based out of Noida, India, offers a comprehensive spectrum of cloud-based solutions to host, design and develop high-performance websites and web applications & mobile applications. Deploying a team of solution-oriented professionals with proven expertise in varied disciplines of technology, we offer tailored solutions for varied applications in exceedingly diverse environments.

Data Center Services
Enterprise cloud servers, virtual private cloud, dedicated hosting services, data center colocation services – you name it, we have it, along with 24x7 live customer support.

Dedicated Web Servers - 
A dedicated web server from i2k2 provides you with the speed and security your websites demand - Linux Servers or Windows Servers. Dedicated server hosting with 100% guaranteed network up-time.

Public Cloud Hosting Services - 
We help you reduce the costs of IT infrastructure and administration, through dedicated cloud web servers - AWS Web ServicesMicrosoft AzureIBM SoftLayer.

Amazon Web Services
Comprehensive Amazon Web Services and consulting, spanning data-storage, networking, computing, analytics, administration, security, and more.

Managed IT Services

Server, database, and web portal management and monitoring support, helping reduce total cost of ownership and maintenance.

Email Solutions

Whether the need is Zimbra email hosting solutions, or Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, or a Custom / Hybrid Email Solution, we are ideally placed to deliver.

Backup & DR Solutions

Ensuring business continuity through a wide spectrum of backup and disaster recovery solutions aligned with client prerequisites.

Open Source Services

Choose from an assortment of Open Source platforms and services, including EM share, Alfresco and Owncloud, for medium to large enterprises.

Colocation Services

Procure an array of colocation facilities, such as space, power, cooling, server security, storage and networking equipment, along with logistic support.

Business Continuity Consulting

Planning and related activities to ensure uninterrupted business flow, regardless of serious incidents or disasters, and quick full recovery.

What Separates Us from the Clutter?

  •  17+ Years in Industry
  •  State-of-the-art Infrastructure
  •  Unmatched Security
  •  Elastic Scalability
  •  Fully Managed Services
  •  Comprehensive, 24x7 Support
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