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Opposite Truck Union
Near Ricco Industrial Area


AMERS HANDICRAFT LLP - Manufacturer & Exporter of Handmade Felt & Felt Products. Felt, Woolen Felt Toys, Decorative Felt Products, Felt Fairy Homes, Felt Ornaments, Felted Mouse, Merino Mouse, Needle Felted Mouse, Wool Felted Balls, Felt Play mat, Felted Nursery School Play Mat, Woolen Felted Play mat, Felt Balls, Pom Pom, Pom Pom Garland, Felt Ball Garland, Easter Garland, Needle Felted Animal, Play Mats with Felted Animals, Needle Felted Bunny, Felted Rabbit, Needle Felted Wool Art, Needle Felted Cow And Calf, Needle Felted Golden Retriever, Needle Felted Mouse With Glasses, Felted Playmat, Needle Felted Easter Mouse, Needle Felted Miniature, Needle Felted Pup, Needle Felted Robin, Needle Felted Bird, Felted Pure Wool, Woolen Robin, Needle Felting Owl, Needle Felting Hanging Bird, Needle Felted Cat, Needle Felted Dog, Needle Felted Horse, Needle Felted Mouse, Needle Felted Animal, Needle Felted Kitty, Wool blanket, Needle Felted Cat With Ball, Needle Felted Dog With Ball, Needle Felted Stocking Ornament, Handmade Needle Felted- Stocking, Diy Felt Craft Kit, Felt Craft, Miniature Needle Felted Fawn Needle Felted Rabbit, Felted Soap Bars, Handmade Felt Stocking, Handmade Felt Snowman, Needle Felted Wool, Felt Toys, Felt Stuffed Teddy Bear, Wool Felted Sculpture, Realistic Felt Toy, Needle Felted Wool Nature Display, Wool Felted Miniature Mushrooms, Woodland Wool Felted Mushrooms, Felted Mushroom, Needle Felted Barn Owls Sleeping In Mushroom, Needle Felted Egg, Wool Felt Egg With Egg Stand, Easter Egg, Sculpted Wool Felt Egg With Egg Stand, Felt Easter Egg, Bunny And Egg Penny Rug, Felted Easter Decoration, Wool Felt , Needle Felting Kit, Felt Basket, Hanging Basket, Felt Bag, Felt Home Décor, Felted Wool bags, Natural Eco-Friendly Hanging Felt Bag, Felt Hanging Santa, Easter Gift Felt Decoration, Handmade Needle Felt Rooster, Wool Felted Dryer Balls, Kid Toys Felt Balls, Easter Felted Toys, Wool Needle Felted Evergreen Trees, Sheep Made Of Felt, Felted Homes, Felt Sculpture Hen, Felt Carrot, Felt Vegetables, Needle Felted Dog Miniature, Snow Flake, Felt Snow Flake, Felt Humming Bird, Felt Blue Bird, Felt Toy Basket, Felt Storage Basket, Hand Felt Wool, Felted Basket, Felted Mini Birds, Felted Lambs With Flower Garlands, Felted Wool Basket, Needle Felting Bird, Easter Felt Ball Garland, Felt Ornament Garland, Felt Floral Flower Garland, Felt Stars, Felt Ornaments, Needle Felted Animals Pattern, Needle Felting Pattern, Felted Dinosaur, Mother Earth With Seed Baby Felt Dolls,Earth Child Felt Doll, Woolen Felted Fairy Girls Sculpture  
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